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  • You need to download and upload as web-resource in your crm,
  • Make sure that you have added json2.js as web-resource.

Create a record using Helper

first you need to create an object of any entity like this way
    var acc = new Object();
    acc.Name= "Sandeep";
    var newacc = SDK.CrmData.CreateRecord(acc, "AccountSet");

Retrieve a single Record using Helper
 var record = SDK.CrmData.RetrieveRecord(accountId, "AccountSet");

Retrieve all Records using Helper
 var filterString = "?$filter=StateCode/Value eq 0"
    var activeaccount= SDK.CrmData.RetrieveAll("AccountSet", filterString);

Update a Record using Helper

var bool=SDK.CrmData.UpdateRecord(accountId, acc, "AccountSet")

Delete Record using Helper

var bool=SDK.CrmData.DeleteRecord(guid_accid, "AccountSet");

You can set state using helper
SDK.MetaData.SetStateRequest(,, state, status))

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